The Taramar Way

Using science, we have accumulated knowledge on the functional properties of bioactive compounds from seaweed and medicinal plants.

The Marine Superfood for the Skin

All Taramar products are based on functionally effective natural compounds that are isolated from seaweed and kelp in an extract entitled
Arctic Complex. The seaweed plants are a pure and underutilized marine source which contains diverse compounds that benefit our skin and inner body. Our research, using live cell models, have shown that the bioactives from the seaweed promote anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation responses at intra cellular levels.

Real Results

The Taramar products are designed to give visible results, thus enabling our customers to observe daily improvement on their skin. Some of our products show results after 4-5 days while others are more effective over longer time periods.

No Toxics or Endocrine Disruptors

A major component of our research has focused on methods to avoid all toxics in the formula, as well as in every step of the processing and packaging procedure. We use no toxic organic solvents, nor any strong bleaches or acids. We only use food grade ingredients in our formula, and we do not use any of the 900 questionable chemicals found in mainstream personal products, as listed by

Active Ingredients

The Taramar skin care range delivers documented and substantiated results. 

While our ArcticComplex gradually improves the skin and is the irreplaceable foundation of our products, we also use peptides, enzymes and esters to achieve faster effects and skin textures.

Q Extractions

We have designed extraction techniques, some unique, that enable us to draw out the bioactives from the seaweed and medicinal herbs, without using any toxic chemicals. Instead of hexane, toluene and other organic solvents, we only use water, ethanol, and oil. Some of our extractions take a long time (many months) and exemplify our increasing interest in slow cosmetic methodology.