Free shipping on purchases over $200 – All export/import fees are included in the price
Free shipping on purchases over $200 – All export/import fees are included in the price


Our name TARAMAR comes from TARA, the divine Goddess, and MAR, the powerful sources from the ocean realm. We chose this name as a tribute to the eternal feminine and the awe-inspiring forces of nature.

TARA is the Universal Mother, a goddess of compassion, love and healing. She has visited earth on many occasions and appeared as TARA,  Jetsün Dölma and Kuan-Yin in Buddhism,  mother of Buddha in Vajrayana and Mother Mary in Christian religion.

The name TARA means star and our name stands for the Star of the Ocean, corresponding to Stella Maris, another name for our TARA, the awesome divine goddess.

We are deeply honored to be allowed to present TARA in our name and promise to stay true to her values. As the divine goddess of the nature forces, TARA’s compassion and wisdom guide us in our mission to heal and create a better world for all.

With reverence, we strive to embody TARA’s boundless empathy, nurturing those in need and uplifting the human spirit. Her teachings inspire us to approach every endeavor with an open heart, celebrating the inherent worth of every individual.

Our Logo, the three intertwined circles of ever-flowing energies, stands for unity, harmony, and balance. Like the three circles interacting as one, it represents the idea of different nature elements finding cohesion and working in perfect synchronization.

The interlocking circles of the triple infinity symbol represent the profound interconnectedness that permeates our universe. This elegant design evokes a sense of the divine, hinting at the limitless possibilities that emerge when disparate elements converge.

At the heart of this symbol lies the recognition that we are all part of a greater whole, bound together by invisible threads that stretch across space and time. Just as the circles blend seamlessly, we too are inextricably linked, our lives and destinies intertwined in ways we can scarcely comprehend.

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