Free shipping on purchases over $200 – All export/import fees are included in the price
Free shipping on purchases over $200 – All export/import fees are included in the price

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Our Achievements

The TARAMAR  skincare products have been honored with an incredible 33 international awards! On top of that, our science team has been awarded 5 seals of excellence from the EU Horizon research program for our groundbreaking scientific innovations.

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The TARAMAR ingredients come from all corners of the pristine island of Iceland. The seaweed is collected by hand, the wild and organic herbs are nurtured in rich pesticide-free soil supplemented by volcanic ash.

The potency of the bioactive ingredients is strengthened by short and cold growth seasons (only 3 months) and the midnight sun ensuring light day and night in the arctic environment.


  • Tighten sagging skin
  • Reduce eye bags
  • Reduce blue circles
  • Strengthen delicate skin
  • Lift skin folds above the eyes
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