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So much more than simply a cleansing medium! Results of Live tests on women by independent laboratories have revealed astonishing changes reflected in greater radiance, mild detoxification and firmer, hydrated skin with a beautiful color. This product is a clear example of how we can bring out glow and pureness with skin-actives from marine plants of the Atlantic Ocean. Your skin will love this delicate oil blend which is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. The purifying Treatment was awarded a Silver from Global Makeup Awards 2020.


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The powerful skin actives in this unique algal-herbal blend are extracted from Organic Icelandic herbs and seaweed and infused into luxury organic oils sourced from Kenya. Using slow cosmetics where the extracts are allowed to mature over more than 18 weeks, the functionality of the formula is enhanced, allowing it to deeply cleanse the skin while delivering powerful protection against water loss and free radical damage.

The efficacy of The Purifying Treatment was tested by an independent French laboratory, Dermscan. During this scientific testing, 35 women aged 45-65 applied The Purifying Treatment to twice a day for 83 days. After 28 days, their skin was softer, brighter and deeply cleansed. It also was quenched, infused with moisture, and radiant. At the end of 84 days, their complexion was dramatically improved and showed evidence of detoxing for clear, healthy skin.

Use of The Purifying Treatment resulted in:

  • 7% increase in firmness of the skin
  • 6-11% increase in hydration rate
  • Significant detox effects (decrease of olive colour)
  • Increase inhomogeneity (even complexion, after 56d)
  • Significant improvement in radiance and illumination (after 28d)
  • Significant improvement in fineness of skin texture (after 84d)
  • Significant improvement in beige and pink colours (after 28 d)
  • Significant decrease in redness (after 28 days)
Purified skin:

The skincatives extracted from the Oarweed and Angelica herbs promote mild detoxification and release trapped dirt, oil and microbes from the clogged pores. The adipate ester enhances adhesion between with the skin so that the oil blend is able to latch on to dirt and microbes and release it from the skin when rinsed with lukewarm water.

Hydrated skin:

The powerful skin actives of the kelp, together with skin-loving apricot kernel oil, envelop the skin in a protective film that softens, smooths and guards against loss of hydration.

Stop oxidation and free radicals:

The powerful kelp actives scavenge the free radicals that accelerate ageing. The Angelica herb is rich in antioxidants and skin-healing compounds that leave skin smooth, soft and nourished.

Firm skin:

The powerful kelp actives soften, firm and condition the skin. The skiactives from the winged kelp inhibit the breakdown of collagen and the supportive fibers of the skin.

Organic and Vegan:

Handcrafted and cultivated by Icelandic organic farmers. Sustainably harvested from Iceland’s pure ocean. No heavy machines, only human hands.

100% toxic free:

Only food-grade ingredients emulsified using the innovative NoTox technology with no nasty chemicals are allowed.

How to use:
The Purifying Treatment can be used to deeply cleanse and condition the skin. This product contains no alcohol and is free of irritating chemicals. It is perfectly safe, even when used around the eyes. It is so gentle. This is the product we turn to when our children have sneaked into our makeup bag, to cleanse their delicate skin.

To condition the skin: Pump 1-2x in the palm of your hand and use your fingertips to apply the oil to facial skin using small, circular motions. You can feel that the oil thickens as it is being absorbed into the skin. Leave the oil on for 1-2 hours, or even overnight. Depending on your skincare goals, you may wash your face afterwards with lukewarm water and apply either the Day or Night Cream

To deeply cleanse the skin: Pump 1-2x in the palm of your hand and use your fingertips to apply the oil to facial skin using small, circular motions. You can feel that the oil thickens and absorbs all the makeup and residual dirt on the skin. Remove the oil with a cloth and lukewarm water. You can reapply the oil if you feel that your skin needs more moisture. Or apply one of the other TARAMAR products for additional skin support.

Dry Skin: Many people with dry skin allow the oil to absorb into the skin overnight, 1-2x per week.

Eczema: We have several testimonials from people telling us that the oil has helped with dry, scaly spots due to eczema. For some people, the oil helps to calm itchy, irritated skin.

Psoriasis: We also have testimonials from people suffering from psoriasis where the oil has helped their skin symptoms. However, it does not help in all cases.

Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil*, Laminaria digita** and Alaria Esculenta Extracts*, Angelica Archangelica Extract*, Squalene, Di-PPG-2 Myreth-10 Adipate, Algae Oil, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Agonis Fragrans Branch/Leaf Oil, limonene***, linalool***
* Organically certified, ** Pure wild source, *** Natural component of essential

The bottle is 30 ml (1.01 fl.0z) or around 70 pumps.
Keep at room temperature

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