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Apply Nature's Secrets to Repair Red Skin

Skin redness can have many different causes including burns, allergic reactions, infections, eczema and others. The TARAMAR products have helped to correct some of these skin irregularities, including rapid healing of burned skin and calming effects on some rosacea and eczema conditions.


Please note that the TARAMAR products have not been clinically tested for red skin efficacy. The following recommendations are based on our own evaluations (using Antera Surface Image Analyzing Systems) and testimonials from satisfied users.

Please be aware that certain causes of red skin are more severe than others and may require medical treatment.

In many cases, customers suffering from red skin disorders are able to calm their skin and regain a former healthy condition by simply stopping the use of chemically overloaded skincare and switching to pure skincare lines such as TARAMAR.

Some of the TARAMAR products appear to help more with red skin than others. These include the Healing Treatment and the Arctic Flower Treatment. However, both of these benefit from the use of the Purifying Treatment and one of the other facial creams, the Day or the Night Treatment.

Our recommendation includes these 4 TARAMAR products: Purifying Treatment, Arctic Flower Treatment, Healing Treatment and Night Treatment



At TARAMAR we use different techniques to evaluate changes in skin disorders. For red skin, we reconstruct full 3D images of the skin surface using the ANTERA image capture and analyzing system. This method is fast and direct. The image acquisition takes less than one second. All data is available in real-time and the customer receives a report and guidance as soon as the data has been collected.

Results have revealed amazingly rapid changes to the condition of the skin. Often, a significant calming of the skin can be detected in the first week of applying the 4 TARAMAR products.

Results of testing are shown for a single woman that had been dealing with rosace for a long time. This woman had a diagnosis from a Dermatologist and had tried several different treatments.

Results from the treatment with the 4 TARAMAR products demonstrated a remarkable recovery in 1-3 months. By day 30 the redness score (density of red color in the skin) had decreased by 33% and at day 90 the red color had mostly disappeared.


Apply Purifying Treatment to your entire face, allow it to sink in and lightly rub it into your skin in a circular motion. Then, wash off the oil with a washcloth and warm water. You’ll be left with soft, nourished skin that will feel surprisingly content. Repeat in the evening and if you are removing makeup, apply some water with the oil blend for a easier removal.

Purifying Treatment includes oils from organic algae and apricot kernels as well as bioactive compounds from organic kelp, calendula and angelica herbs. The oils soften and protect the skin. The bioactive substances heal the skin, stop oxidation and protect the skin against free radicals. The oils contain esters and emulsifiers, which miraculously absorb impurities and residuals from the skin. In this way, the oil mixture is able to deep-clean the skin and soften it at the same time.


Apply a thin layer of Arctic Flower Treatment to the problematic areas as well as to the whole facial area as preferred. Once per day is sufficien.Ssome may choose to apply twice per day in the beginning.

The Arctic Flower Treatment is a very special oil-free serum that calms the skin and promotes healthy equilibrium of dermal cell operation.

This serum is based on the powerful skin healing abilities of three organic arctic flowering herbs, red clover, Lady´s mantle and viola tricolor, together with a plant-based marine plankton and hyaluronic acid, that helps to hydrate, heal and calm the skin.

With this gentle natural treatment, you can expect to see visible improvements in your complexion within a few weeks.


Apply a thin layer of NightTreatment to the whole facial area. In this treatment, we use the Night Treatment as a day cream and it is applied on top of the serum. You can reapply it as well before you go to sleep.

The Night Treatment is a powerful skin rebuilding cream. It assists the skin in many ways. It reduces the loss of moisture and boosts collagen synthesis. It reconnects the upper and lower dermal layers by increasing the adhesion between the epidermal and dermal cells.

This infinitely luxurious cream receives its power from extracted ocean plants, organic herbs, rose berries and marine plankton. The outcome is even, smooth and radiantly beautiful skin.


Apply a thin layer of Healing Treatment to selected problematic areas. Reapply during the day and evening, as needed.

The Healing Treatment is a revolutionary skin treatment that repairs the skin in a multitude of ways. The healing process is fast and effective. Its anti-microbial and skin recovery properties can reduce inflammation and redness while also restoring the skin’s natural glow.

Healing Treatment includes skin-active compounds from organic apricots, coconuts, avocado and the Icelandic wild yarrow. The oils soften and protect the skin.

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