Free shipping on purchases over $200 – All export/import fees are included in the price
Free shipping on purchases over $200 – All export/import fees are included in the price

Lift and reform your skin to attain former youthfulness.

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag. Collagen production and adhesion between the epidermal and dermal cells is reduced and skin elasticity is lost. At the same time, skin becomes thinner and blood circulation can be restricted. Where the skin is thinnest, it starts to sag and form skin folds that grow in size with time.

Sagging of the skin over the upper eye-lids can have pronounced effects on our appearance and cause us to look tired. It can also develop into a problem when the folds overlap with our eye lashes. Until now, the only solution has been a surgery on the upper eye-lids.

TARAMAR’s solution  may also help with sagging skin on neck and jaws. Persistence is needed and first results may not appear until in few weeks, but thereafter little effort is needed to maintain the pleasing alteration resulting in significantly more youthful appearance

To counteract and repair lost skin density and bonding connections between skin layers, we have combined the collagen supporting compounds from the Winged Kelp with skin firming extraction from edelweiss flowers and eye bright, skin restructuring glycol proteins from marine microbes and an hexapeptide that restores the cutaneous structure. The outcome is magnificent and can be seen with the naked eye.



Our recommendation includes these 3 TARAMAR products: The Purifying Treatment, Eye Treatment and the Night Treatment.


Apply Purifying Treatment to your entire face, allow it to sink in and lightly rub it into your skin in a circular motion. Then, wash off the oil with a washcloth and warm water. You’ll be left with soft, nourished skin that will feel surprisingly content. Repeat in the evening and if you are removing makeup, apply some water with the oil blend for a easier removal.

Purifying Treatment includes oils from organic algae and apricot kernels as well as bioactive compounds from organic kelp, calendula and angelica herbs. The oils soften and protect the skin. The bioactive substances heal the skin, stop oxidation and protect the skin against free radicals. The oils contain esters and emulsifiers, which miraculously absorb impurities and residuals from the skin. In this way, the oil mixture is able to deep-clean the skin and soften it at the same time.


Apply a thin layer of the Eye Treatment to the eye region, both above, on top of the eye lids, and below, under the eyes. Repeat for other target areas, neck and jaws, or as preferred.

The Eye Treatment dramatically and visibly tightens the fragile skin of the upper eyelids, as well as other facial and neck areas. The skin-actives extracted from the seaweed and the herbs (viola and eidelweiss) nourish and soften the skin of the eye region, remove bags and lighten the delicate skin below the eyes.

Testimonial: Very moisturizing and soothing for the under eye area. This was such a great eye cream, really plumping to the skin, easy to apply, and great under makeup. It made my skin look firm and I had no reaction around my sensitive eyes. Such a great product and a favourite of mine! [A star judge at the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards, 2020]


Apply a thin layer of Night Treatment to the whole facial area. In this treatment, we use the Night Treatment as a day cream and it is applied on top of the serum. You can reapply it as well before you go to sleep.

The Night Treatment is a powerful skin rebuilding cream. It assists the skin in many ways. It reduces the loss of moisture and boosts collagen synthesis. It reconnects the upper and lower dermal layers by increasing the adhesion between the epidermal and dermal cells.

This infinitely luxurious cream receives its power from extracted ocean plants, organic herbs, rose berries and marine plankton. The outcome is even, smooth and radiantly beautiful skin.

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